1. Do I have to be a resident of Halton Hills to participate in the Halton Hills Cycling Challenge?
    1. No you do not need to be a resident of Halton Hills to participate. People may choose to participate because they work in Halton Hills or because they like to cycle in Halton Hills. Or they may live elsewhere but want to support Georgetown Hospital. All are welcome.
  2. Can I count kilometres ridden outside of Halton Hills?
    1. Certainly you can count all of your cycling kilometers. The Challenge is all about getting active and having fun riding your bike.  It doesn’t matter where you ride.  All kilometers count.
  3. Does riding a stationary bike count?
    1. Sorry but no, stationary bike riding does not count. We want you to experience the wonder of riding a real bike through your neighbourhood and learn how much fun it can be.
  4. When does the Challenge end?
    1. The Challenge ends when we get to 300,000 KMs.  The sponsors are agreeable that their funds will flow to the hospital whenever the community completes the challenge. But of course we want to get our riding done before the end of the summer. So let’s get to it.
  5. How can I calculate my kilometers?
    1. Many people now carry smart phones and can use them to calculate their kilometers. There are several free aps such as Map my ride or Great Trainer that use the phone’s GPS to calculate your distance travelled.  However, you can always calculate your distance by using a map. If you ride a regular route you can also drive the route once and measure it using your car’s odometer.  We are not looking for perfection, so relax and do your best to calculate your distance.
  6. Can I save up my kilometers for a period of time such as a week and then add them all at once?
    1. Yes you can do it that way if you prefer to not log on frequently. However, we encourage you to add them regularly as it helps to make the total rise steadily and that is very motivating to other riders.
  7. How can I participate if I don’t own a computer?
    1. You can log on using any computer but will need to establish an email address which can be acquired for free. Gmail is one such example. The library would be happy to set you up with an account. Once it is established then you can use any computer, including the computers at the library.
  8. How can I participate if I don’t own a bicycle?
    1. We have an amazing young man called Hayden the Bike Guy who accepts used bikes, fixes them up and then gives them away. You can find him 905 873 4417.
  9. Is there any way I can support the bike challenge other than by cycling?
    1. Yes, you can contact us to discuss options such as further sponsorship or promotion by calling Councillor Jane Fogal 905 877 5806 or email janefogal@haltonhills.ca. All inquiries or offers of assistance would be gratefully received.